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Interview Sheets: questions to ask your ob-gyn

Use these questions to guide you during your interview when choosing a midwife to deliver your baby. Click on the "printable version" icon above to get a simply formatted version of this page that you can print and take with you to an interview.

Many midwives limit consultations to 15 minutes, so bring up your most important questions first and save insurance and fee questions for the office manager or billing department. If you have a health condition or other potential complication, discuss it with the midwife before you make an appointment. If you're interested in an out-of-hospital birth, such as in a birth center or at home, ask whether she attends them.

Print out the following list and carry it with you while shopping, or click on the links to buy from our online store!



Date of interview:

01Training & Experience

Why did you become an ob-gyn?

Are you a board-certified ob-gyn?

Do you have any sub-specialty training?

How long have you been practicing?

Are you taking any new patients?

How many babies have you delivered?

How many babies do you deliver each month on average?

If < 10 you get time and attention, if > 30 risk of long waits and short visits:
02Managing My Pregnancy

How much time do you allow for prenatal visits?

On average, how long is the wait in your office?

What percentage of your own patients do you deliver each month?

If you are not on call or are delivering another baby, who will deliver my baby?

Name & Location:

Do you have a nurse-midwife in your practice?

When he/she is on call:
Can she deliver the baby if you are not available?:

If I call with routine questions between visits, how will you handle them?

Are you on call 24-hours/day?

How do I reach you in an emergency or if I am entering labor?

Do you use email to receive and answer questions?

Do you have a website through which I can get information about your practice or medical information?

(circle one) Are you in a SOLO or GROUP practice?

If Solo: Who covers for you when you are not available?

Name & Location:

If Group: How often will I see other practitioners?

When will I get to meet them?:

Do your colleagues share the same philosophy about pregnancy and birth as you?

At which hospital will I be delivering my baby?

Do the nurses at the hospital support your birth philosophy?

Can I choose the hospital in which I will deliver my baby?

Do you have specialized training or experience to manage any medical, obstetric or gynecologicc conditions that I may have (such as diabtes, endometriosis, etc.)?

What are your views about recommending alternative, complementary or integrative medical approaches?

03Prenatal Care

What is your policy on informed decision making by parents?

Which prenatal tests do you recommend?

When would you recommend or perform:

Nonstress test:
Contraction stress test:
Biophysical profile:

How do you manage my concerns about a specific test?

What do you consider to be a high-risk pregnancy?

How much experience do you have with high-risk pregnancy?

What changes can I expect in my prenatal care if my pregnancy becomes high-risk?

Should a second opinion be required, who do you consult with?

Name & Location:

What situations would cause you to seek consultation?


How will you manage my pregnancy if it passes beyond my due date?


At what point will you insist on induction?


Do you recommend any prenatal classes?

Recommendation & Why:

Will you help me prepare a birth plan?

04Labor & Delivery

Will you meet me when I am first admitted to the hospital?

If no, when:

Who will manage my care until you arrive?

Name & Location:

Will you stay with me throughout my labor, including pushing?

How much time do you normally spend with mothers in labor?

What percentage of your patients have hired professional labor assistants (doulas)?

What views do you hold about professional labor assistants?

Dislikes & Why:

Would you be comfortable with me having a qualified professional labor assistant stay with me at home and check my cervix for as long as my membranes are intact and bring me to the hospital only when I am in active labor?

If he/she were to ausculate fetal heart tones with Doppler or fetoscope?:
If I am attempting VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)

How do you manage ruptured membranes during early labor?

What are your suggestions to help me manage pain during labor?

Which of the following procudures do you routinely employ during labor?

Continuous Fetal Monitoring:

What percentage of your patients have:

Confinement To Bed:
Internal Monitors:
Continous Fetal Monitoring:
Intermittent Fetal Monitoring:
HUAC (remote or home uterine activity monitoring)

Do you use fetal scalp PH monitoring to confirm fetal distress?

If yes, why:

What are your views about episiotomies?

What percentage of your patients have episiotomies?

First-time Mothers:
Second-time Mothers:

How do you manage labor to reduce the need for episiotomies?

How often do your patients require stitches to repair an episiotomy?

What are your thoughts about having a natural childbirth with none of the above?

What percentage of your patients require assisted delivery (forceps or vacuum extraction)?

What percentage of your patients require cesarean sections?

For which situations do you most commonly perform a cesarean section?

If a cesarean is necessary, can my partner be present?

Does the hospital have an anesthetist and obstetrician available 24-hours/day in case I want an epidural, need an emergency cesarean section or wish to attempt a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)?

What are your views about VBAC?

What percentage of your patients attempt VBAC?

What is your success rate with VBAC?

05Postpartum Care

Will I be separated from my baby following delivery?

If yes, when:
If yes, why:
If yes, for how long:

Can my baby room in with me?

Will you, or someone on your staff, teach me how to breastfeed?

What are your views about circumcision?

06Cost & Services

NOTE: Since time is often short during initial consultations, you may wish to save the following questions for the office manager or billing department.

What is your fee?

Am I covered by my insurance company?

If no, do you offer payment plans?
Does your fee need to be paid up front or will I be billed?

What other costs may I encounter?

07Ask Yourself

Were you kept waiting for long before meeting the obstetrician?

Were you comfortable with the obstetrician?

If he attended did the obstetrician involve your partner in the discussion?

Were the support staff and nurses at the office helpful in answering your questions?

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