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Pregnancy Calendar: your week by week guide to pregnancy

contemplating the baby at week thirty six

Use our pregnancy calendar to discover how your baby is growing each week. From the moment of conception to the date of delivery, your growing baby will thrill you as you learn the magic of pregnancy.

While pregnancy is usually considered to last forty weeks, in fact the baby is not conceived until week two. Since it is impossible to determine exactly when conception occurs (although you may have a very good idea), doctors measure the length of pregnancy from the end of the last menstrual period.

Our calendar continues to week forty two, because only five percent of mothers deliver on their due dates. If your pregnancy is overdue, your doctor will closely monitor your baby's progress and look for signs of fetal distress to decide whether it will be necessary to induce the baby.

Here you will also find links to related guides, tools and the discussion forums where you can share your pregnancy experiences, questions and concerns with other moms and professionals.

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