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"Ultrascreen results and question"

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Posted by Caitlin
06-09-04 05:25 PM

Hey everyone. I'm 35 and I have a question regarding my Ultrascreen results. The nuchal fold was 1.3 and along with the blood test it seems that I have a 1 in 2121 chance for Down's Syndrome. The number for Trisome 18 is 1 in 158.
I have been trying to find statistics for the chances of Trisome 18 according to age, but I've been unsuccessful. The genetic counselor told me that the results were normal for my age range, but also mentioned that the risk did not decrease after the u/s and blood test were factored in. I haven't yet done the AFP, but I was wondering if I should just go for the amnio anyway? Any thoughts?

Posted by Cameron
06-09-04 05:29 PM

Personally, I would advise to have the blood test prior to the amnio. I was told that I had a 1 in 5 chance of having Down's Syndrome and Trisomy 18. The ultrasound came back normal, and it wasn't until the blood work came back abnormal. We're having the Amnio at the end of June. Good luck

Posted by Carol
06-09-04 05:31 PM

The AFP test is not as accurate as the Ultrascreen test, so I don't think it will be able to tell you much.

Posted by Cheryl
06-09-04 05:34 PM

I agree. The AFP test has a higher false positive rate than the ultrascreen. I would suggest that the next step be Level 2 ultrasound, CVS, amnio or some combination of those. You could also opt to wait and see.
Good luck

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